Vector Illustrations

Vector illustrations are typically developed using Adobe Illustrator, presenting a more "graphic" look, using basic shapes to build the basis of the design. Vector designs are particularly successful in patient education, editorial, and research materials.

Title: Shingles, Plate 2
Medium: Adobe Illustrator
Objective: Plate 2 of an infographic detailing risk and prevention of the shingles virus for general public audience.

Title: Chronic Kidney Disease
Medium: Adobe Illustrator
Objective: Mock journal cover with conceptual depiction of detection and evaluation of kidney disease, intended to capture the attention of the audience.

Title: Cardiovascular sleep model
Medium: Adobe Illustrator
Objective: Figure for paper introducing a new model of treatment for cardiovascular sleep care

Title: Neurotransmitter Release
Medium: Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint
Objective: Depict the cellular process of neurotransmitter release, for an audience of high school science students